Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The First Century...

... of the "500 Over 140.6" Honor Roll is here.

Well 'BoomerNation the "500 Over 140.6" Honor Roll was officially kicked off four days ago and it has just passed the first century mark. Over 100 names of cancer fighters, survivors, and souls have been submitted to the rolls and it keeps growing by the hour.

This week, the campaign was a featured blog on the raceAthlete.com network. The raceAthlete.com network is the one-stop source that spotlights top endurance bloggers, and podcasters as its members fulfill their dreams together -- all in a networked community for aspiring race athletes just like you.

To submit the name, or names, of any cancer fighter, survivor, or soul please use the Honor Roll Counter in the side bar to the right. You can submit as many names as you like. There's also an opportunity to write about the honoree. Tell me why you are adding them to the honor roll and what their struggle, victory, and life means to you. The stories of hope, faith, survival, and loss already submitted are inspiring, uplifting, and humbling. To carry their names over the 140.6 miles of the Ironman Wisconsin course will truly be my honor.
Come back often to see the progress of the list as it grows towards its goal of 500 names.

Also, there are a couple of cool announcements on the way. Here's a hint for one of them... think 546 BC meets the iPod.

Stay tuned...


Kubu said...

About as central as it gets: State College (and PSU)! Have you ever ran Harrisburg's 1/2 marathon? I figured I shouldn't pass up the opportunity, just because it's so close.

My recruiting officer's son is fighting leukemia. I will be happy to formally add him to the honor roll after I find out his name. Stand by!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for honoring cancer survivors and those who have lost their battle. Bless you, Brian!

Siren said...

Honor Roll still not showing up for me... how about I put my relative's names here and you can add them? If you need more info let me know.
Jeanette Sehr, Jane Zielinski, Tony Bailey

Cara said...

Very cool!