Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Goodbye Uncle Harry

Today I learned of the death of my beloved paternal uncle, Harry Brode. He was the surviving sibling of my father's generation.

I send this message to mourn his passing and share in the grief of his family's loss and perhaps in that sharing, find the strength to bear that sorrow and courage to sew the seeds of hope of a day when no more lives are lost to cancer.

What I write here today is only an inadequate expression of what his family and friends carry in our hearts. Words pale in the shadow of grief; they seem insufficient even to measure the bravery Harry shown in his last days he was with us. His true testimony will not be in the words we speak, but in the way his family is living their lives in the fight against this scourge of a disease and in the way he fought to the end with dignity and purpose and yielding to the struggle surrounded by his family; bathed in serenity and love's light.

Stay tuned...

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