Monday, December 20, 2010

Becoming an Ironman

Any descriptions of racing an Ironman fall short of the full, true experience of completing it yourself. No matter how clear the photos, or compelling the story told, they can't match the internal pain in your waiting for the starting cannon to fire, or the taste of the salty sweat at mile 100 of the bike, or the smell of yourself half way through the marathon. And mere words fail miserably in describing the joy, pain, thrill, and relief of crossing the finish line.

But there are a few written works that put you so close to the experience you feel as if you understand the Ironman mind. One of those books is "Becoming and Ironman," by Kara Douglas Thom.

A few years back this month I met Kara in Dallas and we spoke privately about the book. She retold the athlete interviews with a certain lilt in her voice confessing the profound experience that only comes from the deeply moved. Clearly the athletes pursuing the title of Ironman in her book are special lot worth getting to know.

After we spoke, she personalized and autographed a copy.

Whether you're training for an Ironman or searching or an inspiring read, you should add "Becoming an Ironman," to your training equipment.

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