Saturday, November 03, 2007

More Man Laws and... The Chick Laws

The 'BoomerNation responds by adding more to The Man Laws of Triathlon:

TriGreyhound (also known as the Attorney General of the 'BoomerNation) submits:

  • Man law: Drafting is a crime. Drafting behind a dude is an abomination. Drafting behind a chick will be penalized, but extenuating circumstances will be considered if she's hawt.
Jameson steps up:
  • Man law says you can rock the Speedo while racing or at the pool while training, but don't bother bringing it to the beach or to lounge around the pool deck.
Bigun lays it down with:
  • Man law says that real men don't worry if the Man Laws are sexist.
  • Man law says that when passed by a uber-fast, uber-hawt Lady triathlete, it's ok to draft for like 10-15 seconds, if you can.
  • Man law says it's ok, no, manditory to alert your buddy up ahead with a loud whistle or yell once you are out of said lady biker's draft zone, so that your buddy doesn't miss an opportunity.

Not to be left of the proceedings, one of the original ladies of the TriBlog Alliance, just published The Chick Laws of Triathlon. Here's one of them:

  • Make-up is purely optional, particularly on race day.

Really? Who knew??

Check out the rest of the laws and a more chickie (and intelligently written) side of the sport at Nancy Toby: Run Big.

Stay tuned...

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Rural Girl said...

I agree. I don't care if the 'Man Laws' are sexist. They would be just as sexist if they were Woman Laws.