Saturday, September 01, 2007

Open for More

Hey 'BoomerNation, I just received an email that reads in part...

I notice the honor roll is over 500 names. How grand!
When is the latest you'll accept additional names?

London, England

(Printed by permission.)


Thanks for the good words and well timed email. The "500 Over 140.6" Honor Roll remains open for submitting names of cancer fighters, survivors and souls. So, feel free to add more names and spread the word for more. My plan is to assemble and waterproof the list of names submitted up to 7:00 PM CDT (GMT -5hrs) Tuesday, September 4th. Any names submitted after that time will be carried on handwritten note cards in a sealed plastic bag. I'll make a final review of the Honor Roll prior to leaving the hotel room for the start of Ironman Wisconsin on Sunday, September 9th around 5:00 AM. Also, I'll take a pen with me to the swim start just in case there's a last minute submission before the race commences.

Thank you again for submitting the name of your son. It's an honour for me to race in his memory.

(Printed by Permission)

Stay tuned...


UntPawGal02 said...

Glad to see you have more than 500 names for your campaign :)

Robin said...

I see how I can add a name. Are you also taking dsonations to TNT or somewhere else with the name submission? I don't see a spot for that.


Thanks and GOOD LUCK AT IM!!!!!!