Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lessons Learning (Part of a Series)

Last night KatGirl and I watched the sunset from our favorite bench on our favorite lake.

"Daddy, you're doing an Ironman in Wisconsin next week, right?"

"Yes, yes I am."

"Do you think you'll finish the race?"
"Yes, I think I will. Why do you ask?"

"I've heard you tell some people that you're attempting your second Ironman. Why do you say attempting? You already did one, so, why aren't you sure you'll finish this one too?"

"Well, anything can happen during a race."

"But you DO think you can do it, right?"

"Yes. At this point I HAVE to believe. It all starts with believing... and ends with doing."

I came home with the conversation with a 12 year old girl fresh in my mind and wrote:
You Can Do It. This and nine other lessons I'm learning during my journey to Ironman.
At the genesis there was a belief of achievement. Maybe you had others joining you in your belief or maybe you were alone. Perhaps, there was someone that believed it before you did yourself. No matter. Someone at the start believed in you. If you're lucky they will join you at the starting line. If they are lucky you won't be alone at the finish line.
The second lesson I'm learning is... You're Not Alone. That and more in tomorrow's post.
Stay tuned...


Shelley said... won't be alone at the finish line!!

21stCenturyMom said...

You are NOT alone. You've will be in some great company if I do say so myself :-)

Brent Buckner said...

You can do it -
you *will* do it!