Monday, August 20, 2007

The Honor Roll Highlighted by Top Running Podcast!

Today, the "500 Over 140.6" Honor Roll received an important highlight from a top running podcast. Phedippidations, is named after the legendary Greek herald who ran from the battlefield of Marathon to the city of Athens to proclaim, "Nenik├ękamen!," or, "We are victorious!" It's from this historic run that we derive the modern day marathon.

Phedippidations is a podcast of thoughts, opinions, observations and rambling diatribes composed during distance long runs. "Phedippidations is all about running", says show host Steve Runner, a self described "middle aged, middle of the pack average distance runner" who has completed 15 marathons, including six Boston Marathons. Steve records much of the program on the road while he is running and each weekly episode is dedicated to a specific theme.

Whether you are a new runner or a veteran; a track speedster, 5k dasher, marathon cruiser, or ultra distance master, Phedippidations is piece of cyberspace of interest to you. Steve does a masterful job of teaching the history, science, mechanics, lore, ethics, and love of running in an intelligent and eloquent, yet approachable, format. His goal isn't just to entertain and educate but to bring us all, from every corner of the world, together as runners.

Steve is the co-creator of one of the coolest projects anywhere on the internet ... (insert big announcer radio voice)... The Second Annual World Wide Half Marathon. It will be held the weekend of October 13 - 14, 2007 at... well... at wherever you are that weekend. This half marathon, along with the "Kick the Couch 5k" will have someone from every continent, all over the world at the very same time, running with you! Join a truly global community of fellow runners in a free, non-commercial event that celebrates the joy of running, with the challenge of a race! Learn more about it at .

Pheddippidations was highlighted in September 2007 issue of Runners World and has 15,000 weekly listeners. ranked it number 1 out of over 1,300 podcasts in the Sports and Recreation category and it is consistantly in the top 25 overall out of over 36,000 podcasts.

So it would come as no surpise that I'm delighted that Phedippidations has noticed the "500 Over 140.6" Honor Roll. It's only fitting that the cancer fighters, survivors, and souls on the Honor Roll get continued recognition for their struggle in the war against cancer. My running visor is off to Steve, and all of the "500 Over 140.6" Ambassadors for getting the word out about the campaign.

Run Long and Taper, Steve.

Phedippidations can be downloaded for free at iTunes or PodcastAlly. No MP3 player or iPod, you say? No problem, you can listen to the latest and archived shows here.

'BoomerNation, keep submitting names to the Honor Roll. I'd like nothing more than to have your support and encourage your honoree and their family in the hope of a world free from cancer.

Stay tuned...


Wendy said...

Super stuff, Boomer!!!

Siren said...

Thought you might be interested to know that my problem with the honor roll not appearing seems to be browser related. I'm on Firefox; I was able to get it to work (although there were still issues) in Explorer.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what you plan on accoplishing by doing this. Wat you are doing is NOT like what Brian Breem did for John Blaze. He did it to raise awareness for ALS. We don't need awareness of cancer since just about everyone has suffered in one way or another by cancer. My father passed away from cancer and I don't know what carrying his name around in an ironman would do. Can you please answer this for me? I think it is great that you raise $$ through TNT, but carrying a list does nothing. I feel like you are just trying to draw attention to youself. This is such a empty/pointless gesture.

IronJenny said...

Oh my. Anonymous you are mean. What is it like to live even one day in mean shoes? If you are not ashamed of your words, why did you write them anonymously?

The last thing Boomer is, is "empty and pointless". He is raising awareness that "People Care". That people can do something to make a difference...whether that means writing a check, giving your time at a clinic or gently reminding people (perhaps by carrying the names of their loved ones who wait for their cures, treatments, etc.) that we CARE. That we are thinking of them, and honoring their fight, in unison for a day.

Boomer carried the name of John, my coach at IM Florida. When I told John about it, he cried. He's the patient and he was honored that Boomer ran with his name. He was glad to know that even people he doesn't know personally are praying for him to win his fight with lymphoma. John felt loved by Boomer's gesture.

I will pray that your heart is softened, and that you can one day recognize a simple loving gesture for what it is... a simple loving gesture.


p.s. I am very sorry your father passed away.

Anonymous said...

I can see why you might think I have a mean heart. I don't think I do and my intent was to ask him what this was going to accomplish - not bash him. You seemed to answer for him and your response shed some light on his intentions, but if I was him and I cared as much as he did and wanted to make a difference, I would come up with something a little more practical - like donating money and/or time helping cancer patients. We need money to help research and find cures - he would make much more of a difference making this a fundraiser. I see he already raises money through TNT and I commended him for that. Thanks for your comments.

CewTwo said...

I appreciate what you are doing. It will give comfort to others whose parent have died from cancer. The public relations of an activity like Boomer is performing is honorable to an individula such as myself.

I thank you and commend you!

Shelley said...
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Shelley said...

would like to ask anonymous.."what have YOU done lately"?? Triboomer is doing something no one has ever thought of..honoring complete strangers on his journey to Ironman.

He could do nothing like so many other Ironman athletes, just focus on himself, but he chose to honour others..commendable in my life I like to think we need to lead BY example..and I love what Boomer is doing and it's a testament to the great person that he is!!

IronJenny said...

Let's face it, it is cruel to leave comments so nasty that you have to do so anonymously. This is Boomer's blog, not yours. You can state your opinion as nicely or as harshly as you want to on your own blog.
But when you go to someone else's, and state that they are only trying to draw attention to themselves, it is mean. You know this. It's the reason you hit the anonymous button when you sent it.
About your suggestion that he make this a fundraiser, it already IS a fundraiser. Boomer just crossed the $50,000 mark last week for LLS (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society). And that's just for THIS YEAR. A lot of this money came in from inspired and grateful donors who heard about his Honor Roll.
You want more money for cancer research. So do we. Tell me what you've done. Obviously it's much more "practical" than Boomer's contribution. My coach and friend is in the fight of his life and I'd like to thank you for what you're doing to help.

Papa Louie said...

Steve, did a great job of mentioning about you and your quest. He does a great job of reviewing athletes success and desires.
Godspeed to you Brian.

Susan said...

I applaud your efforts!