Monday, September 04, 2006

The City of Lights

Yesterday, my oldest daughter left home to study in Paris, France for the fall semester. The next time I see her it will be Chirstmas Eve.

I knew the day was coming but I had months ago put myself in a convenient place of denial -- until yesterday. That's when my head was pulled from the darkness and reality's florescent light shined brightly. It's a happy occasion, really, in the core, but the edges feel torn.

The garage makes a good cave...

After returning from the airport I spent the afternoon puttering in the garage by changing the tires on KatGirl's bike and re-rearranging my tool box and workbench. There was plenty to be done away from the house but I didn't want to leave home and wasn't in the mood for company. I put both my cell phone and home phone in my pockets so I wouldn't miss her call -- if she decided to call -- before getting on her connecting flight in Philadelphia.

She did.


She's 20 and looking and acting so independent, so confident, so self-assured. Dare I say it, no longer needing Dad.

... sigh ...

Stay tuned...

60 days to my first Ironman.

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Running Rabbit said...

A **little** girl always needs her dad!! :-)