Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ironkids Triathlon Report by KatGirl


My nickname is KatGirl. My dad’s nickname is TriBoomer and this is my race report. I hope you like it.

On Sunday I raced in the Sara Lee Ironkids Triathlon in Allen, Texas. It was for kids from 7 to 14. I’m in the senior division with the 11 to 14 year olds. We had to do twice the distance of the juniors.

On the morning of the race we had to get up very early. I got dressed and ate breakfast. Then my little sister, my brother, my dad, and I got in the car. Daddy drove us to Allen, Texas were I put my race stuff up in the transition zone. Then we all went in to the natatorium and I practiced my swimming. Then daddy, my sister, and my brother had to go to the spectators’ side of the natatorium and I had to stay at the racer’s side of the natatorium.

The swim was very hard and the water was really cold. I had to do a 200 meter swim in very deep water (I am afraid of looking down in to the water and to see the bottom far down below me.) This was my first time to swim 8 laps in a race (well not including the time I raced my friend Stephanie across our little pool at home 25 times. I won.). This time I swam the 200 yards. I was SLOW. I was the last one out of the pool in my group. My daddy, brother, and sister were at the end of the pool cheering and taking pictures. My sister told me I was swimming too slow. I didn’t like her saying that at all.

The bike was good. I biked 6.2 miles (or four times around the high school.). On the bike course the ground was flat with only one baby hill on it. Lots of people there that were racing had special bikes to race on. They had skinny tires and they were fast and zooooooooooomed on past me.

The run seemed longer than the other parts of the race. I ran 1.2 miles. My daddy and I practice running in the park near our house. It’s almost two miles and has two big hills. It’s not too hard if we don’t ride bikes first. (Sometimes we do.) This time running was harder in the race. I did two loops around the natatorium. There was another baby hill on the road but the part that was on grass was flat. It was hot and I stopped to drink two cups of water. At the finish line was a giant blow up of a loaf of Wonder Bread and big arches to run under. The man on the loud speaker said my name and that my favorite subject in school is science. That was cool.

My daddy and brother and sister were there. Daddy gave me a hug but I was really sweaty and thirsty. I was given a big red ribbon and pin for finishing the triathlon. The ribbon is as big as a scarf and has FINISHER written on it. We sat on the grass and in the shade and ate sandwiches and orange Gatorade. (That’s my favorite flavor.) We had to wait a long time to get my bike out of the transition zone.

Daddy said I was a winner but I know I didn’t win in my age group because so many people passed me. He says I’m a winner because I raced. He also told me I was the prettiest girl racing. I think he thinks it’s true. I hope my brother and sister race this triathlon next year too.

The End.

PS: Click here and see a picture of me finishing.


Running Rabbit said...

Can I have her in my class? ...With those writing capabilities! Nicely done...and see "Daddy" just how inspiring you are to your kids. So sweet. :-)

Bolder said...

great job KatGirl!

that was a challenging triathlon, and you are a winner just like your Dad said for wanting to try, for showing up, and for finishing!!

great report too! well written!!

take care, Bolder in Boulder.

Iron Pol said...

Great job KatGirl. Your dad is right, you were a winner as soon as you went to the starting line. Finishing the race was the reward for starting.

You made your dad very proud, both by racing and by showing an interest in helping in the fight against cancer. Way to go.

And don't worry about being last in the swim. I do that on a regular basis. I even finished a race absolutely, completely, dead last.

Awesome job! Imagine telling this story at school in answer to the "What I did this summer" question.

rocketpants said...

Awesome job KatGirl! Girl after my own heart: loves science, orange Gatorade and triathlons :-)

You are definately a winner! "To finish is to Win"

Great job!

greyhound said...

What a great race report KatGirl! You should be very proud of going out and competing with all those kids, and especially doing something that scares you a little.

You know what? The swim still scares me, but I still do it too.

Susan said...

I think that's the best race report ever!!! Way to go KatGirl.

Shelley said...

You look like the prettiest one there to me too!!! Way to go Girl!!!

Kim said...

You kicked butt Katgirl! You did awesome! YOU ARE A WINNER!

Fe-lady said...

I wish I could have hung out with you when I was a kid! I think we would have been great friends. But they didn't have triathlons when I was your age. You are very lucky! You are a star in my book! I bet your family is SO proud of you! You should share this story with your class at school...(I am a teacher and I think everyone would love it!)
Great job and can't wait to hear about your next adventure!

Lance Notstrong said...

You're Dad is right KatGirl, you are a winner!!! BTW, I bet you are a faster swimmer than me :-)

vbaker said...

Dear KatGirl, you did a great job. I'm slow and lots of times last, but I keep tri-ing, so hopefully you will do this again and be faster next time.

Flatman said...

Katgirl, that was a super race report. You did awesome! I bet your daddy nearly exploded at the finish line, he was so proud of you. When's your next race?


Barb said...

Awesome job, KatGirl! You should be very proud of yourself for participating in the triathlon! I know your dad is very proud!

I also think the swim is kind of scarey, but if you keep practicing, it will get easier.

Excellent race report! Thanks for sharing with us!

Jessi said...

Hi Katgirl,
Great race report! I loved reading it! I know what you mean about the run being the longest part of the race... I'm not a very fast runner and it just seems to drag on and on.
CONGRATS on doing such an awesome job in your triathlon! I can't wait to read your next race report!

D said...

Great job KatGirl - Congratulations!

stronger said...

Awesome KatGirl! You ARE a winner!

"I think he thinks it's true"...melted my heart!

21st Century Mom said...

Excellent job, KatGirl. Congratulations on your first triathlon. You were both brave and strong to even do the race and you finished so you did win! I hope you feel really good about that.