Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Knowing When the Time is Right

After St. Croix I stuck to my training schedule. Some easy running, swim drills, yoga, and light weights kept me in an active recovery. Knees and back felt good. Legs were sore from the weight room but not too bad. Things were well indeed.

I called my coach and told him I was traveling to Austin, TX for the weekend and needed his advice on a modified training schedule. He told me to trash the schedule and relax.

“Relax?” I repeated.

“Yeah, just loaf. Eat anything you want. Drink anything you want. Get some rest.”

“But, but I’m feeling good. You know, ready to go.”

“Just take a few days off. Leave your running shoes at home.”

“Sure, sure, right… do nothing. Ooookaaay, Bye.”

That night I packed my bag with my running shoes tucked into a side pocket. How could it be better for me to kick back right at the very time I’m feeling ready to increase my training? Both my mind and body are in sync and the weather’s been cooperating too. Everything has come together. I felt conflicted.

Just before leaving for the airport I took the running shoes out of my bag. I had faith in my coach’s wisdom. I had to believe I would know and act when the time was right.

A couple of days later I stood on the Congress Street Bridge in downtown Austin and waited for the famed bats that sleep under the bridge to leave for their nightly hunt. While waiting I realized relaxation and reconnection is just what I needed. I never felt better. I never felt stronger. I never felt more content. The sun set and gave shadows an orange edge. All things red became radiant. In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.

I had to believe the bats would know and act act when the time was right. Shortly after sundown just two flew from under the bridge. Then a few more and then dozens. They left their shelter and headed east into the Texas dusk. Soon thousands, tens of thousands, poured from under my feet and made black ribbons of flight in the sky. Signaled by the light they took flight. They knew the time was right.

Without regrets I took my rest and now the time is right for me to take flight; to swim, bike, and run. To fly and try to hold on to a spirit that calls from a far. Is it a love incarnate? Will it reveal itself? Does it know when the time is right?

The Red River International Distance triathlon is just two weeks way. Let’s make it an extraordinary light.

Stay tuned…

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greyhound said...

"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary."

Beautiful thought.