Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Glory days

I hear other triathletes (usually of a certain age) talk about their glory days. I hear them complain that age has robbed them of speed and stamina. I listen patiently as they tell the stories of races won and nearly won. I try to seem interested as they describe in morbid detail the slow deterioration of their bodies.

It's hard for me to understand their concerns. It's had for me not to think of the time I'm living in right now as my glory years. It's hard for me to imagine a time when I will ever look back and wish I could be like I used to be.

For me, I'd rather build my future a minute at a time. I'd rather face whatever is ahead of me when I get there than worry about it now. Not that I don't plan for tomorrow. That could be the farthest from the truth. I spend most of my personal and professional life putting into action efforts and assets for tomorrow. It's just that I don't dwell on my past, or on what might have been, or fear for the future. Instead I try to learn from my past and embrace the future because that's where my real life will be lived. For all I know the life I'm living today is the best life I will ever have and I want to live it for myself and others as if that is so.

My goal is to make the best days of tomorrow those that I am creating today.

Stay tuned...

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j blair brown said...

I LOVE THIS! You are SO right, Brian: why worry about tomorrow - it isn't even promised to any of us. Great post! Keep it up!