Sunday, June 20, 2010

California Beaming

On the clearest of days, in the earliest light of morning, Grapevine Lake's waters stretch dark across the Texas prairie floor like a shadow. Not yet catching the first glowing fingers of dawn, only an occasional silvery shimmer dances off the silent surface hinting of the coming gold. With the long, sweltering early summer days and short nights the water keeps her warmth like a lover keeps her smile; the closer your approach, the more inviting she becomes.

Her early-day visitors survey the waters quietly while preparing themselves to enter her. They first approach her with deferential calm. I'm satisfied to just touch her surface lightly before wading into depths unknown, as it is still not day. Once confident of my place and position, only then do I dive under her surface to feel the water envelope me. With every sense heightened, the darkness under the water and the rush into my ears; my entire body is sensitive to the slightest change of current under my belly. It's all familiar and yet a mystery at the same time. What lies in the depths cannot be seen, but what I feel is familiar and I know it supports me in this vulnerable moment. It's my athletic "sweet surrender."

The sun rises and the beach tan sand turns warm and grassy greens glow. Golden strands glimmer against the horizon when kissed by the sun and curves give up their last shadows against the light. Dawn has won this morning like California's promise of the future; it may be cloudy and the very earth may shift under your feet today but nothing can match the brightness and sturdy resolve of the potential of a new morning.

Art curator, Aaron Rose is right, "In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary." Such is the same with every swim, every bike, and every run you and I make, but only if we slow down long enough to notice. More importantly, take time to tell somebody and write it down.

Stay tuned...

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mossygirl said...

i think i'm in love...

this is why i tri, train, think, write, bring it all together. simply beautiful - the writing, the vision.