Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Meet the Dallas Endurance Sports Examiner

Newspapers and magazines have been a fascination of mine for as long as I can remember. From as soon as I could read I was known to have my nose stuck in the pages of the news. I looked up to newspapermen, reporters, and columnists for what they had to say and because they were lucky enough to have a medium to say it. While other boys wanted to grow up to be firemen, astronauts, and professional baseball players I wanted to become a writer for a newspaper or magazine.

However, just as it so often happens to kids those dreams of fighting fires, blasting off into orbit, and hitting a grand slam in Yankee Stadium just sort of came and went. Just like me becoming a journalist. Lacking a plan, direction, and dedication to wordsmithing, not to mention talent, it's no wonder it never happened.

Over the years I would stumble onto the opportunity to write something about a current event, a technical topic, or an opinion. Like the year when I was a financial columnist for a regional newspaper way back in the early 1990's or when letters to the editors of the defunct Dallas Times Herald newspaper and Worth magazine were published. Each time my name appeared in print I would buy a dozen copies of the publication and mail them to my mom and friends.

Most recently I wrote the introduction and co-edited, with Staley Krause, "The Meaning of Tri," available at MindsetTriathlon.com

Now, before anyone gets the idea I think my writings measure up to being worthy of your time, think again. I don't. The fact you're here right now, reading this, is humbling to me. Here's my suggestion, when you're done here, point your computer to the blogs of a couple of really good writers like these: TriGreyhond and IronWil. Go ahead, do it. You'll thank me.

Although I'm long down the road of my career in finance, the want to be a journalist has never left me for very long. I suppose that's one of the reasons why I started the "Stay Tuned Report" triathlon news podcast and Twitter the news of triathlon. The sport is a part of me now and having a front seat to its growth and development has me energized.

As an outgrowth of this blog and the podcast I was introduced to the Examiner.com by triathlon media man, Roman Mica, of EverymanTri.com. He suggested I apply to write about triathlon and endurance sports for the Examiner.com and guess what? It happened. Today my first article was published and it's official. I'm again a published author.

Here it is. The article is about the upcoming USA Triathlon National Championship and ITU Tuscaloosa Pan American races.

Where this new adventure will take me, and you the reader - if you continue to honor me with your time and attention - I don't know. But if you decide to read my articles I will promise you journalistic integrity, accuracy, and writing to the best of my abilities.

Stay tuned...

PS: Tell a friend and sign up for email alerts of new articles too.


untpawgal02 said...

Your article was awesome Brian... look forward to reading more!

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