Sunday, February 01, 2009

Stay Tuned Report Special Interviews with Ultraman Katie Paulson

Hey 'BoomerNation. Two new Special Edition episodes of the "Stay Tuned Report" are up and ready for listening.

These two shows are special because they focus not on the news of triathlon but on an age-group star, Katie Paulson.

What do you do when completing 9 Ironman races doesn't leave you physically exhausted and emotionally elated? Many would hang up their tri-gear and find a new thrill but not Katie. Instead, she extended the distances waaaaaaaaay out there and signed up for the 2008 Ultraman World Championships.

What's an Ultraman triathlon? It is a 3-day, 320-mile (515-kilometer) individual ultra-endurance event which takes place on the Big Island of Hawaii. Entry is limited to 35 participants and is by invitation only. Founded in 1983, the event is held annually on the traditional Thanksgiving weekend.

In this two-part special interview edition of the, Stay Tuned Report triathlon news podcast I catch up with newly minted Ultraman, Katie Paulson. She recounts her three days of racing and her post-race feelings for all to hear.

There are two ways to listen:

1) Subscribe and download from iTunes. Search for "Stay Tuned Triathon Report."
2) for those that would rather not use iTunes go to and click on the file. A new window will open and the interview will automatically begin playing. Waaaay too easy!

Stay tuned...