Friday, November 28, 2008

Ultraman Quest

This sport promised introductions to amazing athletes and personalities and I'm happy to report in the four years I've been a triathlete it hasn't disappointed. One athlete that fits the definition of amazing is, Katie (Catherine) Paulson of Dallas, TX.

Inside a walled office she's an attorney for a manufacturing company but outside of those walls she's a multisport tour de force. She is a 7x Ironman finisher, ultramarathoner, often using her athleticism for charity too. Plus she has one of those "you just like this girl" personalities. (Oh fellas.... she's single too.)

Always searching for her next athletic conquest, today she toes the line in the 2008 Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii. To hold the title of Ultraman she will cover 350 miles (515k) in three days by swimming 6.2 miles (10k), biking 261.4 miles (421k), and running 52.4 miles (84k) circumnavigating the Big Island of Hawaii.

'BoomerNation... give up some blogger love and follow Katie, starting today, at Because she doesn't have her own blog you can leave comments on my blog and I will email them to her.

Be sure to come back for a full report on Katie's quest.

Stay tuned...

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Wendy said...

Boomer, wish her the very best for me! She's out there with my teammate Marty Raymond, so your post gives me two people to cheer for!