Sunday, October 05, 2008

Is There an Olympian in Da House?!

The Toyota U.S. Open Triathlon was run for the second year in a row in downtown Dallas, this weekend. Although I couldn't participate in all of the fun, like I did last year, I decided to check out the race expo with my son, TriBuddy.

While there we ran into 2008 Olympians Hunter Kemper and Sarah Haskins. They not only signed autographs for us but they also agreed to interviews for the "Stay Tuned Report" podcast. How cool is that?! Their interviews will be included in episode #14 which will be released in a few days.

Toyota couldn't have chosen two better representatives of the sport to meet and greet those at the expo. Both Hunter and Sarah are bright and articulate but more over they are approachable and genuine in their interest of the amateur athlete. There was no table or velvet rope to separate them from us. Nope, they stood in the middle of the expo floor or sat on benches to speak with everyone one-on-one. They shook hands, put their arms around shoulders, and looked you in the eye with ease. I hope you all can hear the sincerity in their voices when the podcast airs. Meeting them was truly a treat for TriBuddy and I.

Also while at the expo I ran into two representatives of the company that publishes Triathlon Magazine and Inside Triathlon. We spoke about the recent changes after Falconhead Capital acquired both magazines and the evolving media convergences following the sport. They also gave me a sneak peek at the new Inside Triathlon format. Man, what a beauty it will be when it's all put together! The photography is National Geographic quality with full and multi-page panoramas usually only seen in commemorative editions or end of year issues of Life Magazine. Combine it with expert writing, and it has all the feel of a "coffee table" display book in soft cover.

While at the Expo we couldn't resist sampling the various nutrition bars and drinks. We probably ate enough to exceed the value of the race entry fee. I ran into some friends and made a few more as I spoke them about the "Stay Tuned Report." Actually, TriBuddy was making a lot of new friends as he told them stories of his past eight triathlons and his upcoming 1 mile race.
It was a good way for triathlete father and son to spend the afternoon together.

Stay tuned...


Jamie said...

Awesome to know that Haskins and Kemper are as cool in person as they seem in the other interviews I've seen them do.

I can't wait to have a kid of my own and have awesome father-son days like this. But I've still got some time before that time comes..

Rainmaker said...

Nice writeup. Good to hear they are down to earth.

ShirleyPerly said...

How FUN!! Look forward to the podcast with Hunter & Sarah.

UntPawGal02 said...

It's Hunter :)