Thursday, April 03, 2008

TriSaraTops and EvoTri Score Big!

Congratulations to TriSaraTops for being selected as the newest member of Team EvoTri. Her passion for triathlon and dedication to the development of children make her a perfect fit for the team. I encourage everyone to go to her blog and learn more about this tremendously talented wife, mother, teacher, and athlete. But, before you leave my blog to go to her cool site, click here to listen to her EvoTri interview and vision for getting youth to become triathletes.

Again, congratulations to Sara for making it onto the team and equal congratulations to Team EvoTri for adding another outstanding athlete to its roster.

Come back soon for a look at the project I proposed to EvoTri.

Here's a hint:

Your race,
Your cause,
Your heroes!

Stay tuned...


Wil said...

You're a class act TB, I'm excited to follow along as your mission grows!

Shirley said...

Look forward to hearing more about your project too!

Kevin said...

I cant wait to see what you proposed

Bolder said...

count on me to support your initiative Brian.

i thought it was stellar as well.

TriSaraTops said...

Sincere thanks to you, TriBoomer. As always, you can count on me to support your idea! I am honored to even be mentioned in the same breath as both you and Shirley. You are both phenomenal athletes and people.

Excited to hear what you have in store!

Kim said...

love ya boom! cant wait to see you VERY soon!

TriCajun said...

I really admire your dedication to your cause, TriBoomer.

Mary Sunshine said...

I hope you try for the third spot.

Congrats to TriSarah!