Sunday, April 27, 2008


SHE is a seductress using two inviting, oh so inviting, calls to her side: her shape, curvy; and her voice, stroking and encouraging. She's a professional with the finish in mind and one eye on the clock.

SHE invites all. Man or woman, she invites us all to be with her.

SHE has a long history of putting them in their place. Most who kiss up to this one have a passing fancy. They are intentionally inclined for her song. They are students, clergy, engineers, nurses, accountants, stock brokers, lawyers and such who seek her simply because they want to be within her. Some meet her for more than a tryst's dalliance, but not me. I go to her for her high experience.

SHE and I met once before and plan to meet again. Although she remains complicated and confusing we have a symbiotic relationship. We fit each other with one's ying to the other's yang. Without me, and the others seduced, she could not be and without her, my quest would have no start or end.

SHE makes it all but impossible to quantify why a few dominate her while she frustrates me. It's a peculiar alchemy of the seductress and the seduced at a time and place chosen by her. Ever eluding definition though never failing to give bountiful fodder for lovers, dreamers, and writers to debate.

SHE is legend, SHE has mistique, SHE shines favor on some and SHE breaks hearts of many.

Soon, I will reveal her to all.

Stay tuned...


Jen_runs said...

A new bike perhaps? An old bike you are getting reacquainted with? Mmm, the possibilities ;-)

triguyjt said...


is a race...

a taunting..tough, race

Steve Stenzel said...




TriSaraTops said... she Kona?

Tri to Be Funny said...

Are you talking about me AGAIN?!?! Ahhh're too sweet :-)

Shelley said...

Awwwww..I thought I was the ONLY one for you..sniff...hee hee

UntPawGal02 said...

What is it this time? Why the suspense all the sudden?

Jetpack said...

"SHE has a long history of putting them in their place"

Triboomer, you're giving it away. You've obviously met my fiance' ;)