Monday, November 12, 2007

Of Trails and Trials

There's a park close to my house where the sunsets last a bit longer and the moonrise is a bit brighter. If asked, I'd pull the moon down and give it as a gift. On the dirt and paved trails crossing rolling hills are where I trained for two Ironmans. This is the preserve I run in, fly kites in, listen to jazz in, chase fly balls hit by a seven year old in. Last year I followed pig-tails blowing in the breeze on top of a bike with training wheels. Nowadays, the pig tails remain sans the training wheels.

This is the place I go to do any of those things.

Tonight I did none of those things.

Tonight I walked through piles of maple leaves and sat in a pavilion perched above the hills.



It's been days since I felt complete. Four days to be exact. As if the half that makes me whole was missing.

Tomorrow I'll be back at the track. Somehow the oval straightens things out.

Stay tuned...


UntPawGal02 said...

Might sound dorky and such but what I read sounds so moving! See ya at track tomorrow am :)

Kim said...

thinking about ya boom. hope all is well :)

IronJenny said...

Heavenly Father, please keep Boomer in your comforting hands as he grieves the loss of his friend Dorothy.
As always, we thank you for your unending love and amazing grace.

Comm's said...

Loss, of immediate or extended families can be so hard. I can think of no better way to deal with or end the grief period than by doing exactly what you did, go to a place of happiness and memory to celebrate a life.

that bench you sat on will have special meaning everytime you see it.

have peace my friend.