Thursday, September 06, 2007

The 'Boomer Has Landed

Hey 'BoomerNation...

Ironman hour is close. Just a few days away and excitement is building.
The plane arrived without a hitch and the uber-cool duo of Simply Stu and Bolder met me curbside at the airport and delivered me to my hotel.

Once unpacked I walked to registration. On the way I ran into JetPack, his fiance, and Emily, Texafornia's triathlete wife. Maaaaaaan, it's good to see some of my bloggie peeps.

While waiting in line to check-in three people introduced themselves to me. They said they recognized me from my blog and podcast. Cool, eh?

After checking in I ran into RuralGirl and IronWil. Again, it was all cool to see the good folks from the Wildflower Half Ironman again.

When... JetPack rung me up...

"Dude, what are you doing?"

"Dropping some serious coin at the Expo."

"Get out of there and come up to hotel room. We'll make plans for dinner"


And... that's where I be.

Stay tuned...


Kim said...

YAY BOOM YOU'RE A BLOGGING SUPERSTAR! (not to mention a kickbutt athlete!) go grab this race by the gonads!

Vickie said...

Brian, best of luck and I know you will be flying on the wings of those whose names you will carry.

Anonymous said...

You are carrying my Dad's name on Sunday. Thank you!!!! Good Luck!