Monday, April 23, 2007


"Never forget that life can only be nobly inspired and rightly lived if you take it bravely and gallantly,
as a splendid adventure in which you are setting out into an unknown country,
to face many a danger,
to meet many a joy,
to find many a comrade,
to win and lose many a battle." -- Annie Besant

'BoomerNation, if there was a week that fits the definition of 'epic' it would be the one just past. Starting with the Boston Marathon on Monday and ending triumphantly Saturday with a successful 150+ mile one-day ride from Houston to Austin, TX with the world famous TriGreyhound.

Now, before this goes too far let me put it out there for y'all to know... this past weekend wasn't about me. It's about a man on a quest for fitness and achievement; for the love of sport and the love of a good woman... and his name is Greyhound. I was merely along for support and camaraderie.

The BP MS 150 Houston to Austin bike rally to find a cure for multiple sclerosis drew 12,000 riders this year. Collectively they raised over $11 million for the cause. Well done to them all. But here's where G'dog makes his impact. The riders' bib numbers are assigned by the amount of money they personally raised. What was Greyhound's number???


One... ohhh... freekin'... seven!

Out of the 12,000 riders he ranked 107th! Bravo, my friend, bravo!

Not only is he a top notch fund raiser but he's got endurance game too. I watched him fight through back and shoulder pains at hour eight of the ride. I watched him push through fatigue between miles 100 to 130. I watched him climb quad busting hills... repeatedly. Sometimes all three at the same time. He faced them all and beat them all.

Plus, through all of this he kept y'all up to date with our progress via the blogjacking highness, Nytro. (Thanks for all of your Nytroness. Someday I'll buy us a couple of desserts the size of our heads and challenge you to who can down 'em first.)

Ladies and gentlemen my helmet is off to my comrade in the cause, Greyhound.

Stay tuned...

PS: I'll post my report of the Boston Marathon soon.


Shelley said...

Congrats on a great week, hope you're going to take a well deserved break or vacation..or something..:-))

Cliff said...

All the cracks about Nytro...makes me laugh :)

Nytro said...

you do NOT want to challenge me to a dessert eating contest.

benny made that mistake.


which is why it took us five years of dating to finally get married.

i almost lost him.

... but, if you insist....

ironjenny said...


Bolder said...

you and the hound are rockstars!

greyhound said...

It would have been a fool's errand without a proper wingman. Thanks for turning out.