Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Cause I saddle up my horse
and I ride into the city.
I make a lot of noise
Cause the girls
They are so pretty.
Riding up and down Broadway
on my old stud Leroy
And the girls say

Save a horse, ride a cowboy.
Everybody says

Save a horse, Ride a cowboy!

Welcome back 'BoomerNation. Glad to see you here again. Kick back, relax, and put your feet up while I tell ya story about a tri-blogger super-troika meet up. This past weekend yours truly drove to Houston to meet up with TriGreyhound at his house and the ZenTriathlon Master for a couple days of swimming, biking (a lot of biking) and running. No spouses... no offspring... no worries, mate. Just three age group triathlete guys putting in the base training for Wildflower and ultimately Ironman Wisconsin.

With such a concentration of testosterone and vigor the conditions were ripe for all sorts of burping, openly scratching where it itches, and equally debaucherous manly man deeds. Yah, we were lookin' for adventure and whatever came our way.

OK, OK... I'll end all of this nytro fueled machismo stuff here. Was it really triathletes gone wild? ... umm... no. Wild girls, firetrucks, and police blotters? ... nahhh. It was more like three regular guys, living healthy lifestyles, hanging out with pizza, beer (just a couple), scotch (just a finger) and bikes. On Friday the lights were out at 9 PM and first call was at 6 AM. Saturday we rode 58 miles on the bike followed by an hour swim. Sunday we rode 65 from the ZenMaster's house and called it a successful weekend.

Becoming a triathlete and blogger are two of the best things that has happened in my life. I've met so many good people; genuine people; amazingly athletic people; smart and creative people; and caring people in just two years after my first sprint race. Plus, an unexpected love. And for all of this, I'm the better. You'll have a tough time finding a finer host and brother-in-sport than the Greyhound and the depth of knowledge of triathlon by the ZenMaster is something I hope to one day achieve. Do yourself a favor, dear 'BoomerNation and check out their blogs and download the Zen and the Art of Triathlon podcast for audio from the weekend.

I will.

Stay tuned...


Shelley said...

I have checked out their blogs..they're great..just like you boomer!! Glad you had a fun time, you really should do this type of thing more often...:-))

Allez said...

Sounds like a great time!

Faithful Soles said...

What part of Houston were you in? I'm on the south side, about 20 miles straight south of downtown. Hope you enjoyed our good city. I have started training for my first half-Ironman and then Ironman, so I always enjoy reading your posts.

I wanted to also follow up and thank you again for linking your blog to our running Blog Database. It has now grown to bloggers from 37 states in the US and 21 other countries of all ages and abilities and has become a great resource for members to find blogs that meet their specific goals and interests. We have quite a number of triathletes, including a large group of people training for and/or having completed an Ironman. Thanks again.

greyhound said...

Dude, we need to find a training camp that is equidistant for each member of the Tejas Troika. That was fun.

Wendy said...

And a good time was had by all!!! (Exactly how it ought to be.)

TriFeist said...

LOL! I love that song. Sounds like y'all had a good time. Train well!

Lance Notstrong said...

That sounds like an awesome weekend :-)

That song reminds me of the Tour de Paris. Allez and I stopped at a rest stop (during the hottest 100k ever - 108) and that song was playing on their jam box. I promptly changed the words to "save a bike, ride a bike rider" LOL!!!

Fe-lady said...

Congrats! I bet you will just get so caught up in the whole thing you won't even realize that you have run the full 26.2!
(I am SOOOO jealous! But you deserve this...keep up the great work!)