Wednesday, February 28, 2007


All I can say is wow... I mean WOW!!! Although I've been laying low on the blogosphere it's not an indicator of what's been happening in the 'BoomerNation. The last few weeks had me traveling to the east coast, training with a new swim coach, completing a bunch of 3+ hour rides, and running through the world's greatest bike and running paths. Ahhhhhhh... the northern spirit that inspires and soothes me came along for the journey as promised. Her provident direction keeps me moving towards the promise of more to follow.

Along the way I stopped to test my VO2 Max on the bike. The two questions I wanted answered by the test were what's my optimal fat burning heart rate zone and have I put in enough base building training before kickin' it up a notch?

Here are the charts and the numbers:

My VO2 Max is 43.6

This chart below shows that Zone 2 is where I burn the most fat vs. carbohydrates at an optimal rate:

The next chart shows my aerobic base (AB Line) flattens out for 34 heart beats per minute range before reaching my anaerobic threshold (AT Line). The goal is to bring the AB and AT lines closer. It also suggests that, yes, my body is ready to handle increased training intensity.

Here are my training zones. An increased amount of my training will be in Zone 3.

Next is the chart displaying my heart rate zones and total caloric and fat caloric usage. Zone 2, at 128 beats per minute, is my optimal "go forever" rate.

Stay tuned...


Bolder said...

you are all dialed-in!

look out for the TriBoomer!!

Shelley said...

Wow...I love that you LOVED the East coast...Central Park has great running and riding paths there ya know...:-))

Bolder said...

nice job on 'right here, right now'

loved it!

Cliff said...


When you mention bringing the AB and AT lines closer to each other, are u planning to bring the AB up closer to AT?

Nytro said...

oh no... you've gone over to the dark side with the charts. i told you that you shouldn't pattern your blog-life after bolder. he's nothing but trouble, that one.

ironjenny said...

Great results! And your go-forever zone at 128 heartbeats... that great. I once watched you finish an Ironman with a 102 temp (or something like that), so I already knew you can go forever. ;-)