Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Get Your Geek On! #35 "Stay Tuned..." Report Links

Well, well, well... 'BoomerNation by now you've heard the first "Stay Tuned..." report on news from triopolis and the blogesphere on Get Your Geek On! podcast #35.

(No, you say you haven't? Well, what in blazes are ya waiting for? Download it and give it a listen HERE.)

As promised here are the links to the stories and sites mentioned in the report:

USA Triathlon raising fees. Read about it here.

Tri One O One. Read about the new race series here.

World Triathlon Corporation announces negative dug tests at Ironman Hawaii 2006 here.

Cool Site:'s Running Calculator here.

TriMama's Blog


IronJenny's Blog

Nancy Toby's Blog and her post on Clothing Optional Cycling (Scroll down to see the December 16, 2006 post. Be forewarned... there's a gratuitous butt shot pic.)

Remember: if you see multisport news happening, have a kick butt story to tell, find a cool site, or any freakin' fabulous event drop me a line at

Stay tuned...


Shelley said...

#35...whoa...what took me so long to listen..oh yeah...I was waiting until you were on ...hee hee..

Wil said...

YOU are a "super-stahhh" in the words of Awesome Training Partner SHELLEY!

Vickie said...

Hey, great podcast! I am listening while I am "slaving" away at work. LOL! You sound very professional. I look forward to listening to more.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

great podcast. after learning about the usat rates going up, i went ahead and got my 2007 registration taken care of today. :)