Friday, October 27, 2006

Three numbers and a Freakin’ Chill

Welcome back ‘BoomerNation. Come on in but don’t get too close. You’ll understand in a moment.

Three numbers and a certain chill inspire this post.

1544. That’s my bib number for Ironman Florida. Getting it made the little hairs on my neck stand up. You can follow me on race day, November 4, at by clicking on “Track an Athlete.” There’s a bonus in it for you too… you’ll get to see my real name. That alone is worth the price of admission, right? Seriously, it would be great to know you’re rooting for me. Please let me know if you plan on watching.

217. That’s the number of names you have, so far, sent to me to honor in the race. The list is growing daily and there’s room for more... lots more. Keep sending me the names of anyone you know that is fighting, surviving, or has passed away from any form of cancer and I will carry them with me the 140.6 miles. Allow me the opportunity to honor them and motivate me to push on through the race. All you have to do is leave their name(s) in the comment section or email me privately at

29,860. That’s the number of dollars I have personally collected to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. In January I challenged myself to a goal of successfully completing two half-Ironman and one full Ironman race this year and raising $30,000 to fight blood cancers. The half-Ironman races, IM St. Croix70.3 and the Big Kahuna Half, are done. What are left now are IM Florida and a few more dollars to meet the goal. Your supporting words and encouraging blogs are a part of what has made this journey worthwhile.

Thank you.

And now for the chill. Would you believe it but I have contracted a Class A, butt kicker of a cold?! Right in the middle of the taper I can hardly drag myself out of bed let alone swim 2,000 yards or run five miles. The headache, the sinus pressure, and burning cough have kept me from sleeping for more than a few hours a night this week. I’m tired. Today my doctor injected me with a couple of syringes of who-knows-what and sent me off with a fist full of prescriptions and a band-aid on my backside. I’m a walking; no make that, a slumping human apothecary.

Tomorrow brings me another day closer to my goals and and right now I’m only a few minutes away from painkiller and sleeping pill cocktail. Cheers y'all!

Rest well, ‘BoomerNation… rest well.

Stay tuned…


tarheeltri said...

Inspiring Blog dude... i apologize for not having read it earlier. I'll have to catch up with everything at the race. hang in there with the cold and sinus infection. Check your goal. I think you made it somehow :)

Liv said...

Wow! Those are some truly amazing accomplishments! You are an inspiration. Rest up and fight that cold so you can kick ass come November!

Wendy said...

Boomer -- feel better fast!!! And you know I'll be F5'ing like a crazy woman.

neese said...

hope you feel better soon, lol re: band-aid on the backside.. poor thing. get well soon!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Have a great race in Florida!