Friday, June 02, 2006

River Adventure

Is your world like mine?

I have a laptop, a desktop computer at work, a desktop computer at home, and a cell phone with email and a Day Planner. My climates are controlled, the news is filtered, and terrestrial radio is predictably safe. I'm where and when I need to be on time to benefit (I hope) all around me. I wake at a set time, I eat at a set time in a handful of usual places, I train at set times, and I sleep at a set time. Just about every aspect of my day is multitasked and micromanaged. I'm at risk of wringing every possibility of adventure out of my life.

A life of routine and safety has its advantages and I appreciate the multiple blessings sent my way. After all, just outside of my double paned, insulated, UV filtering windows, just on the other side of the multiple video monitors is a world filled with rife, uncertainties, and instabilities far beyond my control.

But still, my sense of adventure is shackled by all of these USB cords of sterile connectivity.


Sound familiar?

What's a swimmer, biker, runner, slowing (trying to get faster) man of a certain age to do?

Why, race of course.

The St. Croix Ironman 70.3 was four weeks ago and it’s been nothing but training, work, and more training since. My feet are restless and it’s time to get my trigeek on and have some fun. Sunday, I'll jump into lycra and race in the Louisiana Red River International Distance Triathlon in Shreveport, Louisiana.

There are no expectations for this race. No feeling of either 'I love it or it's a flop'. I'll take on the course as an experience just for the fun of it, with no expectation of success, reward or mastery. This one is simply for the sense of adventure.

If you’re training or racing this weekend remember to be safe, good luck, and I hope you set a PR.

Stay tuned…

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So, how did it go?