Saturday, June 17, 2006

Double Brick Break Through

Maybe today will be remembered as a break through training day.

The strain de jour was a double brick of a 40k bike, followed by a 10k run, followed by a 40k bike, and finally a 10k run. The segments were to be completed with descending times and the final run at race speed.

Winds snapped stiff the flags on the boats in the lake. It was going to be a long morning.

Oh, oh… I almost forgot. I was to complete the workout in five hours or less. Gulp!

Well tri-gals and tri-guys here are the results:

1st 40k bike: 1 hour; 21 minutes (18.4 miles per hour)
1st 10k run: 55 minutes; 12 seconds (8:53 minutes per mile)
2nd 40k bike: 1 hour; 16 minutes (19.6 miles per hour)
2nd 10k run: 54 minutes; 03 seconds (8:42 minutes per mile)
Transitioning total: 14 minutes

Total Time 4 hours, 41 minutes!

The first bike and run felt good and steady but the second half was rough. The last half of the final run was especially hard.

Afterwards, I sat on the curb of the parking lot in front of my car. Sweat beads jumped off of my forehead. Dozens of people rolled by on their bikes or ran past without noticing. A few did say
"hello" and two ladies asked, "was it a good one?” I gave them the obligatory smile and head nod but said nothing. If I did tell them what I had just done would they relate? Would they care? Maybe yes, maybe no. It’s not that important really.

What is important is that I know.

Stay tuned…


greyhound said...

The roadies look at me like I'm insane when I do my generic little single bricks. A double brick would make their heads explode.

The screaming eagles of the 101st would be impressed.

Deb said...


Cliff said...

Good training....some crazy bricks u got there :)

Barb said...

I only did a triathlon... gads, I'm so lazy! LOL!

You are an animal! I only dream of having the strength to do a long double brick like that! Boy, does it ever sound like a fun way to spend the day! :)

Elizabeth said...

Geez Triboomer! Go get 'em!!! Freakin' stellar!

Cara said...

Nice pic of the lake! Nice. Now that is some serious training!