Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Today is My Tomorrow

Monday it was two steps forward and Tuesday it was two steps behind. Now it’s Wednesday and I’m keeping things together by just a thread.

Tax day is around the corner.
Yeah, I know.

Fundraising has slowed.
Yep, I know that too.

One of the kids is complaining about her teacher.
Uh humm, get in line.

Meetings with lawyers, accountants, bankers, boss, and lunch with a client today.
I know, it’s written RIGHT HERE on my schedule! Jeesh, enough already.

Somehow, all of this will get taken care of… somehow.

But what about tomorrow?

Tomorrow? Ah yes, that’s what I’m excited about the most. Give me back all of my sunsets and they wouldn’t add up to the next dawn. Holding fast to the promise of a positive impact of what I sow I will take care of what’s important for today and put in place plans for success tomorrow. Everything else gets tossed on the growing heap of chaff.

Today, I will swim for an hour and run for 90 minutes. I do these things not for my today but for another and their tomorrow. St. Croix Half Ironman is just three weeks away and I’m ready.

Now, where’s my next appointment?

Stay tuned...

1 comment:

Flatman said...

Keep it together man, you are almost there!! Have fun on your ride...